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Perception and Awareness: Gaining True Freedom

Our potential is infinite, and our world offers so much more than just the physical level of perception. In an interview with Lee Holden, author and mind–body expert Deepak Chopra explains why we as humans always have an individual experience in this world that we interpret for ourselves. Nevertheless, everything is interwoven and connected and goes back to a common source. In this session, he takes you into his reflections on the world and our perceptions and explains the importance of self-reflection and flow.

In this video you will learn…
  • about the frontiers of modern science
  • how to expand your perception and reach pure awareness
  • what questions to ask yourself

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Questioning Thoughts & Beliefs

Questioning Thoughts & Beliefs

Questioning Thoughts & BeliefsBad experiences lead to negative thoughts and make us doubt ourselves. Bestselling author Byron Katie has experienced first-hand what it's like to have no way out. However, by working on our thoughts and beliefs, we can reverse them...

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