younity Summer Special –
Nurture your summer spirit with a curated selection of some Flow! summit highlights 

Just in time for summer, we want to share with you a Flow! summit 6-video compilation with some of the most appreciated speakers we presented during the year’s event!
Take advantage of the season and set a moment aside to enrich your spirit, reconnect and to reach the flow state!

Summer Special – Video 1

Vadim Tschenze

Born in 1973 in Uzbekistan, he is an author of numerous successful books (like “Sex and Karma”, “Vadim’s Method”, and “Vadim’s Shamanic Calendar”), and the founder of the “Vadim Tschenze Academy”for spiritual healing, shamanism and mediumship on Lake Constance, in Switzerland. Expert in spirituality and Russian energy healing, also has knowledge in parapsychology and naturopathy.The sixth generation of his family to have paranormal abilities, he also dealt with shamanism and aura systems, energy healing and astrology, biosensors and herbal medicine, karma and power animals. Developed his own deck of cards and worked with the shamanic medicine wheel.

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Summer Special – Video 2

Pascal Voggenhuber

Pascal Voggenhuber is considered one of the most renowned mediums in Europe. He impresses and amazes his audiences repeatedly with very detailed contacts with the afterlife , impressive demonstrations, and touching lectures. Since 2007, he has published eight books, all of which reached the top ten of the Swiss non-fiction bestseller list. His new project “Enjoy this Life” supports us in becoming creators of our own lives and in recognizing and living out our true destiny. There are online courses on the subject, an online community, and a book published this year.

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Summer Special – Video 3

Gabriel Palacios

Gabriel Palacios is a hypnosis expert and runs the hypnosis center in Bern. He is the author of the bestsellers “I See You” (2012), “Hypnotise Me” (2013) and “Just Let It Happen” (2015). Since his participation in Uri Geller’s TV highlight, he is a welcome guest on television shows. His radio segment “Palacios’ mental tip” is on the morning show of the Bernese radio station “RADIO BERN1” every week.

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Summer Special – Video 4

Gerald Hüther

Gerald Hüther is one of the most famous brain researchers in Germany and is the director of the Academy for Development of Potential. In practice, he is involved in various initiatives and projects with neurobiological prevention research. He writes non-fiction books, gives lectures, organizes congresses, works as a consultant for politicians and entrepreneurs and is a frequent guest on radio and television. He is a knowledge mediator and implementer in one person.

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Summer Special – Video 5

Andreas Goldemann

Andreas Goldemann has been living out his special talent as an intuitive for over 20 years and accompanies people on their way back to their natural, powerful selves. With his voice, he helps countless people worldwide to leave their physical, psychological, and spiritual stress behind. His own passion and idea of life were revealed to him by always exclusively following the joy in what he was doing and the feeling of wholeness within himself. In his work with his participants and clients, he always reminds them of a simple guide: their own presence.

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Summer Special – Video 6

Ruediger Dahlke

Dr. Ruediger Dahlke has been working as a doctor and seminar leader, author and facilitator for over 30 years. With books such as “Illness as a Path”, “Illness as the Language of the Soul”, “Illness as a Symbol” and most recently “Laws of Destiny – Rules of the Game for Life”, he has founded a holistic psychosomatic and consciousness theory that extends into mythical and spiritual dimensions.

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